Cannabis Laws Around The World (Part 2)

There are many people around the world for whom the possibility of smoking cannabis has a significant impact on choosing the next travel destination. In fact, for a chronic smoker, it can be unpleasant to go to a place where there’s low-quality weed at exorbitant prices or even being arrested for the mere fact of having wanted to brighten up their time away from home with some joint. Therefore, before you decide on your next destination, it can help have a clear overview of the countries where it is really best to avoid having problems related to this plant. Below, we look at the status of cannabis in countries where marijuana faces a wide range of legal positions. If you have not yet read the first part of this article, check it out now!


#1. Denmark

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In 2011, the Danish Medicines Agency authorized the use of cannabis derivatives and allowed the commercialization of products with cannabidiol CBD, such as creams and balms. In 2018, the government already approved a project to grant licenses to national and foreign companies that produce cannabis for medicinal purposes.


#2. The U.S.

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Federal law continues to prohibit any use of cannabis in the United States. Still, about thirty states have already authorized this plant’s use and its derivatives for medicinal purposes in their respective territories. Also, around a dozen states have regulated the recreational use of marijuana under different conditions, which has led, as in Canada, to create powerful cannabis cultivation, production, marketing, and distribution industry.


#3. France

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Since 2013, in France, it is allowed to use cannabis derivatives to manufacture drugs, with prior authorization from the National Agency for Medical Safety. In September 2018, the start-up of an experiment with cannabis to be carried out over two years with some 3,000 patients with certain diseases was approved to verify its therapeutic utility.


#4. Holland

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Holland is the rare bird: since the seventies, it has allowed the sale of a small amount of marijuana in the so-called coffeeshop and its consumption within the premises, which gave it the worldwide fame of being the country that championed legalization, but maintains the prohibition of cultivation and has not advanced in other regulatory processes of cannabis as other states have done in recent years. 


#5. Israel

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The Israeli government started a program for the use of medicinal cannabis in 2007. However, its prescription was previously authorized for cancer patients and patients with pain-related diseases, such as multiple sclerosis. In 2018, Israel took a new step by allowing the export of medicinal cannabis products and plants, which has generated a powerful industry in this Middle Eastern country.


#6. Italy

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Since 2013, Italy has created a state organ of cannabis and authorized its medicinal use, which empowers patients to supply themselves in pharmacies through a prescription or authorization granted by the health administration through a medical prescription. The ministry with health powers is the one in charge of authorizing production, manufacturing, distribution, and export through a list of companies with a state license. Until 2014, marijuana was imported from other countries, but since it was costly and the costs fell on the patient who had to pay for it, the government decided to start growing it on land owned by the army.


#7. Luxembourg

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This tiny European country passed a law in 2018 to regulate the use of medicinal cannabis, which is distributed in the pharmacies of various hospitals in the form of pills and oils. These products can only be obtained by patients who have a medical prescription specifying a cannabis treatment prescription. Luxembourg has also announced a bill to legalize the recreational use of cannabis. However, nothing has been done about it yet.

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