Human Rights


The Cult Of Free Speech In The United States In 2023

The issues raised by Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial, which predictably ended with the acquittal of the former White House occupant, are the logical continuation of a presidency that has pushed the limits of the American legal system. Lawyers for the former president- who was charged with inciting insurrection –…


Top 3 Things To Know About Russia’s Anti-queer laws

Anti-LGBT law, calls to “de-Atlanize” Ukraine, omnipresent references to religion… In parallel to the war in Ukraine, the Russian government is leading a conservative and identity-based offensive on its domestic front. According to experts, the aim is to unite the country around “traditional” values. In Russia, Russian deputies voted Thursday,…


Equality Of Legitimate And Natural Children

We often hear the term “legitimate child”, “natural child,” or “adopted child”. These different terms are derived from the old legislation. The current law sees them differently: all children have similar rights and duties. However, it is always interesting to explain more about these notions, especially about the legitimate and…