Tipping the scales by choosing a good lawyer


A lawyer is a jurist who performs several functions in a court, an administration, or a company. Their main mission is to manage the case and assert the rights of their clients (natural or legal persons), but this varies according to the circumstances. Indeed, a lawyer sometimes occupies the role of a particular adviser, a personal or professional representative, an assistant or defendant, and can execute the drafting of legal acts. So, discover in this article the fields of activity of a lawyer in order to find relevant solutions to your legal problems.

In the field of tax law


Thanks to their skills acquired in tax law, a lawyer provides complete services in the tax field. Thus, he will be able to defend your interests in tax matters and to bring the adapted advice to your situation as:

  • Conflicts in income from movable property, real estate, land, capital gains, etc
  • Problems in property law (donation or succession)

If you encounter any of these difficulties, a lawyer will assist you and represent you before the tax authorities and the competent courts.

In the field of international taxation


Current tax laws treat MNEs (multinational enterprises) as a set of different legal entities. These entities each use a separate accounting system, with their profits accounted for the country by country. A lawyer will be able to help you in your international development. To do so, they will

  • They will give you advice on international taxation
  • They will defend you in international tax disputes

So, to resolve any dispute in any cross-border relationship, or even in international tax matters, a lawyer is at your disposal.

In the field of accounting

In this field, a lawyer can perform a multitude of functions, such as:

1. Assistance and verification of accounting


The auditing of a company’s accounts is sometimes a complex operation because it requires a lot of details to be checked. In fact, the accountant does everything to determine the real final situation. But to make the task easier and ensure the company’s success, you need to hire a lawyer. The latter will assist you during the audit of the financial statement and all stages of the tax audit of your company.

Moreover, the presence of a lawyer during the accounting audit phase reduces the risk of financial and accounting problems (amount or number entered inconsistently with the actual amount, etc.).

2. The regularization of foreign bank accounts


Whether you are an individual or a company, declaring the existence of a foreign bank account is sometimes a difficult process. Moreover, any income related to it is subject to a tax declaration, and this declaration is compulsory for any person of age with a decent salary. This process is sometimes delicate, but to facilitate any regularization operation at the level of the tax authorities, call upon a specialized lawyer to accompany you.

Moreover, the help of a lawyer minimizes the time required for the declaration with ideal conditions.

In the economic field: incorporation or restructuring of a company


The role of a lawyer varies according to the situation of the clients. All natural and legal persons can benefit from their services.

If you want to carry out your activities legally, or if you want more efficiency in the functioning of your company, a lawyer offers you their services for:

  • The choice of the legal status
  • The approval of the statute
  • The drafting of the statutes
  • The finalization of the creation of the company

The choice of a good lawyer guarantees the success of a project because he offers fast and adapted solutions to your entrepreneurial difficulties, tax, patrimonial law, and to any type of conflict.

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