Equality Of Legitimate And Natural Children

We often hear the term “legitimate child”, “natural child,” or “adopted child”. These different terms are derived from the old legislation. The current law sees them differently: all children have similar rights and duties. However, it is always interesting to explain more about these notions, especially about the legitimate and…


Top 3 Tips To Hire A Lawyer

At some point in life, we all need a lawyer, be it for a minor thing like going over a contract or to get you out of legal trouble. The legal system is very complex, and the language used to write it isn’t understandable to the layperson. To most people,…


Tipping the scales by choosing a good lawyer

A lawyer is a jurist who performs several functions in a court, an administration, or a company. Their main mission is to manage the case and assert the rights of their clients (natural or legal persons), but this varies according to the circumstances. Indeed, a lawyer sometimes occupies the role…