What Is The Benefit Of Consulting A Lawyer In Urban Planning Law?


A planning lawyer is a professional specializing in the planning sector. He represents his client before the law. The lawyer in urban planning law plays the role of adviser and indicates the steps to be followed through the stages of a trial. His main mission is to secure development and urban planning projects. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the reasons to consult a lawyer in urban planningĀ law.

What are the missions of an urban planning lawyer?


The urban planning lawyer participates effectively in securing development and urban plans. To do so, he defends the interests and rights of his clients in the event of litigation in the area of urban planning law. This professional represents his clients before the law (courts and tribunals) and collects the necessary documents for them.

The lawyer in urban planning law assists and advises his clients during decision-making, negotiations and procedures. He informs his clients about their rights and obligations. He also helps them to solve conflicts and litigations; however, if you need the services of an urban planning lawyer.

When should I consult a lawyer in urban planning law?

An urban planning lawyer is useful in several areas.

For advice on a construction or urban planning project

A lawyer in urban planning law assists legal entities and individuals in their construction or urban planning projects. These persons may be individuals, developers, builders, companies, or public or semi-public organizations.

For consulting services related to urban planning documents

Consulting a lawyer in urban planning law is an excellent option to ensure the design of urban planning documents. This can be the urban planning certificate or the building permit. This professional also intervenes to simplify the application for a SCOT, a POS, or a PLU.

Therefore, the lawyer expert in urban planning law accompanies his client in the procedures related to the realization of the files. He assists and advises him in drafting the documents and assesses their legality. The urban planning lawyer analyzes the requests for withdrawal or abrogation and advises on the administration’s appeals.

For consulting services related to development work

It may be necessary to call upon a lawyer in urban planning law for development operations. Indeed, this specialist will give you advice on the choice of the ZAC or the subdivision procedures. You will also benefit from assistance in setting up a development project.

Contacting an urban planning lawyer means being assisted during the ZAC design procedures and on the content of the development files. It is also to benefit from the advice in the realization of the materials of land control and the procedures of request for authorization of subdivision.

For consulting services related to land use authorizations


A lawyer in urban planning law also offers consulting services related to land use authorizations. Specialized in urban planning, he assists his clients in the application for urban planning certificates in land use agreements. He also assists in preventing neighborhood problems, withdrawing a town planning permit, and in auditing a construction permit document.

In case of litigation concerning a construction or urban planning project

When faced with a dispute concerning construction or urban planning project, it may be useful to contact a lawyer in urban planning law. The latter thanks to his knowledge and qualifications, is able to resolve disputes.

The town planning lawyer can intervene if it is a matter of authorizations or regulations before a penal, judicial or administrative judge. This professional also intervenes in litigation on urbanization decisions and urban planning litigation.

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