What You Need To Know About Tax Return in France

Every individual or legal entity must file a tax return with the government agencies. Whether they are a company or an individual who performs a paid function, they will have to pay taxes. Read on for more information.

Who Should File a Tax Return?

Generally, all adult citizens are required to file a tax return based on their income or certain paid activities. The income may or may not have a stable base, but the deduction method does not change. This is called income tax or general income tax (IR or IGR). It is calculated from the net taxable income. The overall gross income is subtracted from the exemptions and charges during a calendar year.

If they are paid according to local activities and receive taxable income, French citizens living abroad will have to file a tax return in France. This is particularly the case if you are a pastry chef abroad with headquarters in France.

Why Make the Tax Return?

The tax declaration is considered a responsibility of every major person in a country. Indeed, every employee must comply with this regulation.

In fact, taxes are used to pay civil servants’ allowances and guarantee the implementation of services in the social, educational, cultural, economic, health, and legal fields. Every year, participation in the tax return is essential, as it aims to construct and improve public infrastructure (roads, health centers, counters, etc.).

What Are the Necessary Files To Make the Tax Declaration?

First of all, you need to have professional status. So, before carrying out an activity, you need to have a tax identity number. To do this, you must provide the following files:

– a recent proof of residence and resident card ;

– an original national identity card and a copy;

– a statistical card;

– proof of title to the apartment;

– a handwritten application or a numerical entry with reference;

– a plan of the premises approved by the competent bodies;

Where Can I Make a Tax Declaration?

Those concerned should make the annual tax declaration at organizations such as tax centers, regional tax departments, etc. They can also use the services of a chartered accountant.

In addition, there are other specific types of taxes. These include social security contributions, local taxes, and real estate wealth tax.

People have two options: to make a declaration via a form or use the teledeclaration. This method, based on digitalization, allows you to file your tax return online on specialized websites. In this case, the persons concerned will have to make their declaration each year so that the State or the tax administration can calculate the tax base.

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What To Do in Case of Problems With the Tax Return?

In case of difficulty, companies or individuals can ask for the help of a tax lawyer. The latter can assist you and defend you against the tax authorities and competent courts. He will help you with the procedures and steps related to regularizing the taxes and the tax controls. Thus, he can give you sound advice while considering the tax regulations in force. He can also represent you in case of litigation.


Whether you are an employee or a company, your tax return represents your contribution to your country’s economic and social development. Make sure you file your tax return on time, or you may be penalized. For example, you can subscribe to start-up insurance with a valid tax return.

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