Travel Insurance in Canada

Travel insurance covers the costs of unforeseen events during your trip. These financial risks and losses can range from minor issues like delayed luggage to major ones like medical emergencies overseas. Whether you hold a short-term work permit or you’re planning to visit the country, there are several companies in Canada where you can buy travel insurance. The travel insurance policies differ for each company. However, the generic package includes coverage for medical emergencies, trip cancellations, repatriation cover, and luggage delays, which are further explained below.

Medical Care

Medical insurance coverage is the principal component of every travel insurance policy. This covers the medical costs that may be incurred while being abroad, either caused by an illness or accident. The scope of medical travel insurance includes payment for hospital treatment, travel costs related to having to stay longer than expected abroad because of medical emergencies, and emergency repatriation. For instance, your travel insurance will cover the expenses of any medical treatments arising from situations such as falling sick or being the victim of an accident during a trip. Be mindful that the insurer also considers the circumstances of the sickness or injury. Consequently, if you conduct dangerous acts like removing your life jacket while canoeing or not declaring a pre-existing medical condition can invalidate the medical coverage.

Repatriation Cover

In a medical evacuation or repatriation insurance, travel insurance makes arrangements and handles transportation necessities. The circumstances covered in this insurance are unpredictable returns to your home country due to medical emergencies, the return of a dead person’s body to his/ her home country, or a nearby cremation or funeral place. The means of evacuation is determined based on the person’s state and condition. For instance, in slightly minor instances such as a broken leg, the victim may be transported in a commercial airline. In severe medical cases, the evacuations might involve complex procedures demanding:

  • The coordination of admission to a proper medical facility.
  • The coordination of ground transports at both ends of the repatriation.
  • An assessment of suitable air transportation requirements like oxygen, the altitude, and other special equipment.
  • Immigration clearance and medical escort if required.

It should be noted that the repatriation coverage does not encompass situations involving:

  • Drug or alcohol abuse.
  • Medical expenses once back home.
  • Funeral, cremation, burial expenses or expenses for related items such as coffins and urns.

Luggage Delays

In cases where luggage is delayed or lost, travel insurance can provide compensation. The baggage delay travel insurance covers a temporary loss of baggage where they reimburse the insured person for the purchase of indispensable personal items until the luggage arrives. The luggage delay policy varies for different insurance brokers. For instance, the coverage is disregarded to some insurance companies if the luggage is returned within 12 hours. For a permanent loss, the travel insurance reimburses for the personal items inside and the value of the lost baggage up to the policy limit specified. However, receipts are required as proof of purchases.

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  1. Traveling insurance sure is necessary to protect your finances when happen that there is flight delays and cancellation. But insurances has also different coverage like medical and evacuation insurance and those depends on what type of insurance you’ll get. The price will also vary and will depend on what coverage you’ll get for your insurance.

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