The weirdest laws that exist in Canada

Laws and regulations are generally put in place by governments to instill order and ensure the public’s safety. That said, there have been instances where some governments have taken it too far that their laws do not make any sense at all! Let’s take a look at the weirdest and most ridiculous laws that still exist in Canada. After reading this, you might have some serious questions…

1. No pet rats allowed

If you recently became a pet rat owner and you live in Alberta, chances are you will be expected to pay a fine very soon. Since the 1950s, the province of Alberta has implemented several laws to keep the province clean from rodents. As a result, it is now a prohibited practice to own a domestic rat in Alberta, regardless of the reason or the season.

2. Coin Control

Anyone who ever tries to get rid of some spare change at the nearest gas station better know the rules in Canada. According to Canadian Law, it is illegal to pay with too many coins! There are specific limits set to the amount paid in coins. For example, it is not allowed to exceed $25 worth of loonies (another word for 1-dollar coin) and $5 worth of nickels (5-cent coin). This law is applied throughout the nation, so be careful!

3. No Ice Cream Sundays in outdoor Ottawa

Did you know that it could be illegal to eat ice cream outdoors? That is crazy, right? But apparently, the Canadian government thought otherwise. You can eat ice cream on any other day, but if you do it on Sundays and on Bank Street in Ottawa, you will be considered a criminal.

4. Keeping it professional

There are many weird driving laws in Canada but one that stands out the most is the one in Nova Scotia. In the province, there is a law that strictly prohibits taxi drivers from dressing casually. This means that they are not allowed to wear t-shirts or cut-off shorts, even in the summertime!

5. No witch wish

How many of us have dressed up as witches or know someone who did at least once? Pretty common, right? Especially during Halloween. That is completely fine. But did you know that the act of pretending to be a real witch and conducting witchcraft or sorcery is a severe legal offence? According to the Canadian Criminal Code, anyone guilty of this offence will be punished on summary conviction.

6. No bare wounds in public

Whether consciously or not, we all have been guilty of taking off an old bandage in public. While this seems normal, it is considered an illegal practice on Canadian soil. So, if your bandages are not sticking, better make sure to wait till you reach home to get rid of them!

7. Stay away from the colour purple

This is probably one of the weirdest and most random laws that exist. In Ottawa’s Kanata neighbourhood, if you wish to freshen up the look of your house and paint the exterior doors, you can choose any colour except purple. If you do so, you will be fined.

8. No Climbing

If you ever had a treehouse, you need to demolish it immediately if you live in Oshawa! There it is strictly forbidden to climb trees at any time of the day. If you ever break that rule, the Oshawa police will arrest you for having a playful lifestyle.

Although these laws seem silly, they are not always applied nationwide. However, it is still better to be aware of them, especially if you plan to visit Canada with your pet rat or with your pockets filled with coins!

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