The Art of Skip Tracing

Have you ever been unable to locate someone? No, we’re not talking about playing hide-and-seek with your friends or kids! Here we’re referring to significant instances of tracking down people for more critical reasons: a customer who didn’t pay for the services received, a missing witness, somebody who ditched you in a business partnership, or maybe someone who owes you a substantial amount of money! If you’ve ever been unable to locate someone, you know how nerve-racking and frustrating it can be. That’s where skip tracing comes in handy! Let’s check out everything about this valuable tool!

But What is Skip Tracing?

Skip tracing is a term used in the debt collection, bail bond and fugitive recovery industry to find someone who has “left” town and run away. This tactic is commonly used by professional investigators to locate fugitives. However, it has also developed a market opportunity in debt collection and legal services to localize persons of interest, such as debtors or missing persons.

And How Does It Work?

Searching for fugitives is a unique form of investigation that involves tracking the physical and digital breadcrumbs that every person of interest drops in their daily lives. In today’s modern society, it is almost impossible to live entirely outside of society, and any interaction with other people can leave a trail to follow. A “skip trace” investigator uses public and private databases and in-person investigations to gather information about a person’s interest movements. The starting point for most agencies is the automated resources available to them through their various vendor relationships. This allows collection agencies to quickly find valuable information, a new phone number or a new address.

A “skip tracer” will start searching for public information on the Internet. All information is used. The data collected generally includes:

  • Driver’s license and vehicle registration records;
  • Land transaction records;
  • Public tax records;
  • Utility bills.
  • Criminal background checks and court records;
  • Telephone and cell phone tracking databases;
  • Credit reports;
  • Employment applications;
  • Loan applications; and
  • Credit card applications;

The information collected is then synthesized into a profile that allows either to definitively locate a person of interest or determine where they might be. Once the interviewer has found the person of interest’s location, they make inquiries to local police, restaurants, bars, or other people who might know the person of interest to gather additional information.

Finally, the investigator will compile a list of one or more current addresses and telephone numbers or e-mail addresses and monitor these locations or attempt to make contact to confirm the location of the person concerned.

Best Option for Scrutiny

Commercial investigation and skip tracing is the best available option to now the authenticity of an individual, the financial strength, background checks of employees and much more. Obtaining a complete history of your partners and suppliers will enable you to make proper and informative decisions for your business’s benefit. The entire process, including getting the other person’s banking and transaction information, is discreetly done so that you can be in control of the situation without the other person being informed.

Why Hire a Professional Agency for Skip Tracing?

Is your company’s collection department qualified in tracing the origin of funds? If not, your staff will spend a whole lot of time spinning their wheels trying to track down consumers who owe you money. The cost of salaries, health benefits, etc., paid to your employees, so they don’t have to search for them can quickly add up. And, as mentioned earlier, you have to buy access to many informative databases. It can also cost an arm and a leg.

Professional agencies like Centurion Process Servers know how to use various resources to find customers, witnesses, defendants, or other parties faster and more efficiently. Their proprietary technology and expertise can help you find people quicker and more efficiently! Their exclusive technology and advanced jump search skills can help you get the results you are looking for. How hard are you willing to work to find someone who owes you money? Is your valuable time worth it? Do you even know where to start?

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