The 4 Main Types of Law

Life as a lawyer can seem like fast forward, always being one step ahead and solving problems. But as fun as that sounds, choosing which field of law to study and specialize is crucial. Fundamentally, there are 4 main types of law.

Corporate Law

The main job of corporate lawyers is to take care of businesses and making sure they abide by the law. These lawyers are highly involved in helping their clients run their company effectively while staying within legal boundaries. Products manufactured, money transactions, partnership deals and more are their area of expertise.

Energy Law

Energy lawyers are very different from other types of lawyers in that they help companies manage the taxation of energy. They are the ones to call for when needing advice about rights of the companies on energy-rich lands and their licenses.

Criminal Law

Maybe known as the most thrilling one of the 4, criminal lawyers are responsible for making sure all individuals abide by the set of criminal statute or laws. In case someone commits a crime or an offence, the lawyer will need to take corrective measures.

International Law

International lawyers specialize in taking care of legal practices on disputes on an international level. They need to be knowledgeable about other countries’ rules and regulations as well.

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