Strange Laws From Across the World

Each country has its own rules. However, there are some countries in the world that have implemented laws that may appear bizarre to outsiders.

Do you have a habit of frowning? If yes, then it is better to stay away from Milan, as there it is illegal to frown. Shocking? In this article, we will present you with some more innocuous things that are considered illegal or banned.

1. Do Not Rescue the Drowning – China

If you see a person drowning, your first impulse would be to save that person. However, it is considered illegal in China to rescue a drowning as according to Eastern Philosophy, it is immoral to interfere with a person’s fate.

2. No Obese Employees – Japan

Did you know that obese employees are considered illegal in Japan?

In 2008, Japanese national law was introduced to make companies and local governments measure their employees’ body fat and waistlines ages 40 to 74 years old. If the employees do not meet the required government criteria, employees have to participate in weight-loss programs otherwise, companies and organizations will face fines.

This law’s sole purpose was to reduce the overweight population of Japan and motivate its people to develop a healthy lifestyle.

3. Do Not Forget Your Wife’s Birthday – Samoa

Samoa, a Polynesian island found in the Pacific Ocean, is well known for its weird laws. One of the strangest rules in Samoa is that one cannot forget his wife’s birthday. If it still occurs, Samoa’s legal system will make the husband pay a fine, which will go directly into the hands of the wife.

4. Do Not Feed the Pigeons – Venice

Feeding pigeons may seem like something familiar in other places, but feeding pigeons in Venice is considered illegal under Italian law. You could land with a hefty fine for only feeding the pigeons. Why is this illegal? It was basically introduced in a bid to prevent pigeons pooping all over St Mark’s Square and ruining the city’s UNESCO status.

5. No Blue Jeans – North Korea

If you like blue jeans, do not travel to North Korea!

Wearing blue jeans in North Korea is strictly prohibited and illegal. As blue jeans are associated with the American concept, the Communist leader, Kim Jong Un, does not allow the citizens to wear them. However, black jeans can be worn.

6. No Scrabble – Romania

From the 1980s, Scrabble was banned in Romania by President Nicolae Ceausescu. According to him, the games was “overly intellectual” and” subversive evil.”

7. No Reincarnation – Tibet

As per the State Religious Affairs Order No.4 in 2007, it is considered illegal for Buddhist monks in Tibet to be reincarnated without the Chinese government’s authorization.

Some note that this rule was created to oppose Dalai Lama and his concept about reincarnation.

8. Walking Your Dog – Rome

In 2005, Rome implemented a strict animal law where dog walking was seen as crucial by the law. For instance, if one fails to walk his or her dog on a regular basis, that person can be fined $700.

9. No Heels – Greece

If you are travelling to historic places in Greece, you cannot wear heels!

Since 2009, high-heeled shoes were forbidden in Greece as the sharp soles of these types of shoes put too much pressure on the 2000-year old marble that makes up so many of the country’s architectural and national treasures.

10. No Valentine’s Day – Pakistan and Saudi Arabia

Did you know that in some countries celebrating Valentine’s Day is illegal?

In 2017 in Pakistan, Valentine’s Day was banned as it was not based on the Muslim tradition and it does not symbolise love for God. It was also prohibited in Saudi Arabia in 2008 for similar reasons.

What do you think of these laws? Explainable or too strange? Please share your opinions!

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