Strange Laws From Across the World (Part Two)

This article will cover the second part of our first post on Strange Laws From Across the World. If you haven’t read it yet, you can check it here.

In a perfect world, we would like to believe that everyone lives according to the laws of a country… But, as we’ve seen in our first post, some of these codes can seem so far-fetched. Let’s have a look at some other of these peculiar laws.

Pay When Playing Ambiental Music – Finland

If you thought your country was tough on copyright, you should take a look at Finland. There, cab drivers have to pay for the use of intellectual property if they play a song while transporting a passenger.

No Toilet Flushing After 10 PM – Switzerland

Under Swiss law, it is forbidden to flush the toilet after 10 PM. Likewise, men are not allowed to urinate standing up after this time as this is considered noise pollution (i.e, sounds that your neighbors do not have to hear).

Kiss Goodbye to Goodbye Kisses – Great Britain

At Warrington Bank Quay station in Great Britain, goodbye kisses have been forbidden since 1910 to avoid crowds and train delays. This was done due to the not so short goodbyes that have been made in this place.

Today you can see the posters with the ban in the mentioned station, but don’t worry! They have assigned a particular kissing area inside the station so that you can say goodbye as long as you want without causing delay or inconvenience to other passengers.

Forget About Some Public Acts – Mexico

Following up on the previous theme, Guanajuato’s city council, in Mexico, approved in a 2009 resolution the prohibition of certain public acts, including kissing. This is particularly ironic since the city has the mythical “Kissing Alley”. The same resolution also regulates “narcocorridas” (songs that talk about drugs or drug trafficking), dances that incite sex (such as the Perreo), and songs that explicitly talk about sex.

No Public Performance Without Permission – Chile

If you are one of those, who carry a guitar in their hand and like to trova or tell jokes to make everyone laugh, be very careful when going to Chile. According to a Chilean Penal Code law, you must obtain permission from the city hall for any public performance, including playing the guitar or telling jokes in a square. Otherwise, you may have to pay a fine.

Do Not Play Dominoes – Spain

A noise pollution ordinance in Seville, Spain, prohibits dominoes’ playing because of their noise when the pieces hit the board or table. Anyone who violates this rule must pay a fine of more than 300 euros, depending on the case. This ordinance also prohibits, among other things, playing dice, dragging barrels, banging gas bottles, and leaving pets alone in the house.

Choose Another Clothing Style Than Military – Trinidad and Tobago

If you are one of those who like to dress in camouflage, you should plan to bring other clothing if you decide to visit Trinidad and Tobago. Apparently, dressing in “military” attire is considered disrespectful to the country’s security and defense agencies, and you could be arrested if you do so.

No Chewing Gum – Singapore

This is one of the resolutions that Singapore chose to keep the streets clean in 1992: they banned the production, importation, and sale of chewing gum. And their efforts were so great that they succeeded in eradicating it from their country for good. Anyone caught selling or eating chewing gum in this country will be fined heavily if they do not want to go to jail for two years.

Chewing gum is not only considered a problem in Singapore. In Disney stations, to avoid chewing gum, it is not sold anywhere in parks!

Do you know of any other weird laws in another country? Share it with us in the comments below!

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