Is it mandatory to install a water cooler in a company in France?


For health reasons, each individual needs an average of one and a half liters of water every day. This contributes to the proper functioning of the body and, therefore, good work in the best conditions. Indeed, for the well-being of your employees, installing a water cooler within your company is advisable. Thus, your employees will be able to benefit from perfectly filtered water, a pleasant working environment, and work in the best conditions.

The different types of water coolers in companies


Generally speaking, the number of users is important for a water cooler within a company. It is, therefore, up to the employer to choose the right equipment. Depending on the use, there are different types of water coolers on the market. It is best to contact a company specializing in beverage dispensers to find the one that best suits your needs.

Running water coolers or network water coolers

With a simplified water supply, network fountains are connected to the drinking water network. This means there is no limit to the number of times you can use them, as this type of fountain guarantees a continuous supply. These machines have a filtering system to ensure that the water is perfectly clean and is usually refrigerated. For more comfort, some of them produce sparkling water or hot water. Their installation often requires the intervention of a specialist in beverage distribution.

Fountains with carboys


This type of fountain has a pressure system. This allows your employees to enjoy fresh water. However, it is important to ensure that the stock of carboys is sufficient to enjoy the water at any time. In addition, fountains require regular maintenance to ensure their proper functioning.

The water fountains

The fountains have a pressure system, allowing you to enjoy fresh water anytime. However, this type of fountain requires regular maintenance and machine monitoring. To ensure optimal use on a daily basis, it is necessary to ensure that there is always a sufficient supply of bottles and a room to store them. This option is, therefore, quite restrictive.

Running water fountains, also known as network fountains, are connected to the drinking water network. The water supply is, therefore, simplified. As they are connected to the drinking water network, they guarantee continuous water supply without stock management. Most of the machines are refrigerated and have a filter system that ensures perfectly clean water. The anti-odor, anti-scalding and anti-pollution cartridges are the perfect answer to the requirements of professional hygiene in companies.

Is it mandatory to install a water cooler in a company?


A decree relating to the labor code stipulates that every employer is subject to a regulatory obligation to make a drinking water point available to its employees. However, the conditions of freshness are not specified. The installation of a water cooler is one of the various possibilities available to you as an employer. Depending on the duties of each employee, you are also obligated to provide them with a non-alcoholic beverage, especially if their duties require frequent hydration. The workstations that can benefit from this privilege are determined by seeking the advice of the occupational physician, the employee representatives, and the health, safety, and working conditions committee.

Regarding the company’s catering facilities, the labor code also requires you to create a dedicated space if at least 25 employees request it. However, it is possible that the available space does not allow you to do so. In this case, you just need to set up a place with an accessible water point that can deliver both fresh and hot water. The catering area can be a canteen, a collective restaurant, or a refectory. In all cases, it must contain a sufficient number of seats and tables, a hot plate, and a refrigerator.

Whatever type of fountain you have, there are good practices to apply on a daily basis to ensure its proper functioning. Like any other sanitary appliance, it should be cleaned regularly and thoroughly checked from time to time.

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