Importance of Employment Background Screening

Are you hiring the right person for your organization? Do you make decisions according to your “gut feeling”? If you are among those who think that all job seekers are completely honest in their resumes, we advise you to give it another thought. Even if it is not always the case, applicants do lie in their curriculum vitae (CV) to mislead you so that you believe that you are making the best choice.

In order to eliminate the risk of a bad hire and to make sure that your future employees will have the best interests of your firm at heart, you should conduct an employment background check on them.

What is an Employment Background Check?

An Employment Background Screening is an overall review of your potential or current employees. The check includes the person’s history like education background, previous employment, medical history, drug testings and criminal and license records. As this is not an exhaustive list, companies can also choose to do further screening.

You can find several organizations that provide an Employment Background Screening service. Yet, before you decide to go for these background checks, it is important to know how these tests will help you. We’ve listed below reasons why your business should scrutinize the past of your candidates or employees.

Identify Criminal Charges

A key reason firms choose to conduct pre-employment background checks is to identify any applicant’s previous criminal history. The employer can then make a final decision after considering the applicant’s criminal history. Sometimes the records highlight only minor charges where the employer may decide to look the other way. However, in order to make sure that you are hiring the appropriate candidate, it is better to conduct this criminal screening.

Guarantee Safety In Your Company

When you conduct a criminal background history check, you avoid putting your employees’ life and yours at risk. There are many dangerous criminals and sex abusers out there and you might not want to compromise your workplace safety in hiring them.

No Negligent Hiring Liability

Negligent Hiring Liability is a legal term that holds employers accountable and responsible for hiring an applicant that can be a threat to somebody else. Courts have often stated that it is an employer’s duty to ensure a safe workplace for all employees. Hence, conducting a comprehensive background screening on a potential candidate will save you the hassle of putting your office in jeopardy.

Ensure Job Qualifications

As we’ve highlighted previously, not all applicants are honest and will sometimes add disingenuous information to their CV. As a recruiter, you must verify statements concerning the professional history and educational certification provided with applications. If you conduct a background check, you will be sure to hire a competent candidate. In addition, you get better insights into a potential employee’s motivation and reliability.

Reduce Employee Turnover

When you make sure to hire a genuinely qualified job seeker in the first place, you also ensure that the costs and employee turnover do not increase. It goes without saying that you need to invest in further employee training if you hire an incompetent candidate. And, if you then find out that you need a better replacement, you will spend again on hiring, recruiting and coaching expenses.

In the same context, lowering turnover rates in the workplace means that you will avoid wasting time retraining new recruits, which will help your company prosper with a team that is driven to work and thrive.

Prevent Drug Abuse

Drug testings can benefit your company by eliminating negative drug effects in your workplace. In fact, this screening will help reducing low productivity, tardiness, absenteeism and attitude problems linked to drug abuse.

As an employer, you have the obligation and responsibility of conducting a proper employment background check to ensure safety in your workplace and achieve the best business results. If you are looking for professionals to carry out an employee background screening, check out Brevard Background Check.

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