FAMILY LAW (U.S.): ‘Marriages, Civil Unions, and Domestic Partnerships’

Family law focuses on issues related to family relations and domestic relations. For instance, family-related matters such as:


Marriage (matrimony/wedlock), is a vital union and commitment between two persons, namely spouses. It establishes and nurtures love, mutual support, rights, and even obligations between both parties. Children of the married couple are provided with abundant legal, financial and social benefits as well as obligations, for instance, inheritance and properties. There are special family attorneys who specialize in representing clients in court proceedings such as property agreements or alimony discussions and so on.

Civil Unions

Civil Unions, also called Civil Partnerships, are legally acknowledged arrangements among two persons. They are similar to marriages but and provide legal protections to the couple at the state level only. This type of union was also a means primarily created to support recognition in law for same-sex couples.

Domestic Partnerships

Domestic Partnerships are interpersonal relationships between 2 persons that live together, sharing a mutual domestic life, yet not being married to each other or anyone else. Moreover, it can also be defined as a legal recognition for not only unmarried heterosexuals but also for homosexuals. This particular recognition is offered by some states and governments and this type of partnership also offers some benefits similar to those enjoyed by married persons, for example, the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

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