Dictatorship Laws of North Korea

Do you remember the time when Kim Jong –Un had threatened America with nuclear attacks? Back then, this one-man alone had led to fears of an imminent third World War running across the globe. Can you now imagine what type of laws are implemented in North Korea?

It is true that different countries have different laws. However, the world’s most secretive and dictatorial country has some strange rules that are discussed below.

#1. No Foreign Music and Films

Is Arjit Singh or Shawn Mendes your favourite singer? Do you love watching the Harry Potter movies or James Cameron’s epic romance movie? Well, if you are in North Korea, these things are considered illegal.

Consuming foreign media is prohibited by North Korea’s totalitarian laws. For instance, in 2015 Kim Jong –Un issued an order to destroy all cassette tapes and CDs which contained prohibited songs and movies. Moreover, the punishment is determined based on the place of origin of the film or music. For example, someone who watched an Indian movie might only go to jail while the person who watched an American one will be executed.

#2. Living With Only Three TV Channels

How many times have we flipped through nearly 100 television channels while relaxing on our sofas? However, North Korean residents don’t have the same choices as they get only three channels and the government controls everything that goes through these 3 channels.

#3. No International Calls

In 2007, a North Korean factory boss was executed by a firing squad in front of approximately 150,000 people. The reason? He made international calls!

North Korea considers making international calls a crime and anyone who does not abide by this law are strictly punished.

#4. No Falling Asleep

Ever fallen asleep during a meeting? If yes, have you been harshly punished for it? I doubt that!

The law in North Korea prohibits anyone from falling asleep when someone is talking during a meeting. For instance, a North Korean defence minister who fell asleep during one of Kim Jong Un’s events was publicly executed with an anti-aircraft gun. His action was considered extremely disrespectful.

What a punishment for falling asleep!

#5. 8 July

You might wonder about what is so special about this one day in North Korea. On that specific day, in 1994, the former North Korean President, Kim Il-sung, died. As a result, each year on that day, smiling, dancing, talking loudly and drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited. If this rule is not respected, people may either be sent to labour camps or be killed without mercy.

#6. Choice of Profession

Every individual born has a preferred choice of profession. Some want to become a doctor while others a teacher or lawyer. Nowadays, with the Hallyu Wave, many youngsters want to pursue a K-pop star career.

Unfortunately, North Korea does not give you such freedom to choose your own profession. The government decides it based on the country’s needs. If one does not comply with this rule, he or she will be sent to labour camps.

#7. School Children

When you place your child in an educational institution, you expect the school to provide your child with a desk and chair. But not in North Korea!

One of the strange regulations of this repressive country consists of parents who have to pay for their children’ s desks, chairs and building materials.

#8. Three-Generations of Punishment

One of the most horrific human right abuses in North Korea is the ‘three-generations of punishment’ rule. It states that if one member of a family commits a crime, the rest of the family and the upcoming two generations will also be punished. This means that parents, children, and grandchildren shall all bear the brunt of a single person’s punishment.

How do you find the laws stated above? Normal? Strange? Atrocious? Please share your comments and don’t forget to come back for part 2 where we shall discover more of the dictatorship laws of North Korea!


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