Law and Mediation

Surviving Spouse: Know Your Rights

In the event of the death of a married person, the surviving spouse may find himself or herself the owner of the usufruct of the deceased’s property. Whether it results from the law, a will or a donation of future property, this usufruct can also be transformed into a life annuity. We tell you more. 

Strange Food Laws around the World

Almost all countries have their own set of strange laws. But, in the case of food laws, some go beyond the normal level of weirdness to reach new pinnacles of craziness. Here are some of the strangest food laws on the globe. No Ketchup Please! France and America have been…

Religious Laws – Part 9

“Of all the religions, the best religion is to repeat God’s name and to do pious deeds.” – Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaaj Let’s learn more about the religion which started some 500 years ago! Sikhism Sikhism is a monotheistic religion and philosophy that originated in Punjab during the…