9 Ways of Fighting Back Domestic Violence

No women or men should ever face a situation where they are victimized by people they thought once would protect them. This is what I feel about domestic violence. As I write this, I got to know about a case of domestic violence that happened in the open, and no one came to help the poor woman who was heavily pregnant. It’s hard to think of a society where people are being ill-treated by the same person who vowed to keep her or him in the best days of their lives.

Domestic violence happens when a family member, partner or ex-partner abuses you physically or psychologically. It is often referred to as violence between spouses, spousal abuse but can also \include co-habitants and non-married intimate partners. Domestic violence does not only involve women but also children, parents, siblings or the elderly. This problem takes a number of forms, including physical, verbal, emotional, economic, religious, reproductive, and sexual abuse. This occurs in all cultures; people of all races, ethnicity, religions, sexes, and classes can be perpetrators of domestic violence. It is important to remember that domestic violence happens with both men and women, and sometimes the victims are of the same sex.

To understand how to fight back, we need to acknowledge that everywhere in the world, several countries are trying to pass laws and bills so that there is no case of domestic violence. To fight back domestic violence, here are nine ways that will help us improve our and other’s life altogether.

1. Educate – Even in an educated household, domestic violence occurs, but an educated victim has more power than an illiterate one. An educated victim can walk out of the house and support himself/herself by taking a job and be independent financially. However, it is not the same for an uneducated person as they are not even aware of these problems. As reported, most women tolerate domestic violence as they are bound to their kids, and they do not have any source of earning. A great way to protect someone from being a victim of domestic violence is to educate them. Let the pen be their sword; educating them is liberating them!

2. Spread Awareness – Surprisingly, most people who are educated are not even aware of the signs of domestic violence or of the fact that it is a punishable offense, and there is help available for it. The need for a sensitization campaign is high as the rise in domestic violence is increasing day by day. People must be aware of the signs of domestic violence and how and whom they can approach for help. Conducting workshops, in schools, colleges, offices, colonies, villages, is one way of doing so as it spread awareness against domestic violence. The other electronic media and digital media are the best sources to spread such messages to people.

3. Stand up and speak out – It is easy to say than to actually do it. It is important for a victim not to stay silent when they are being abused. They are encouraged to raise their voices against the violence that they have been facing. Though it might be embarrassing for some, it is essential that you confide in close friends or anyone who you feel can be of utmost help. If you want, you can share it online so that it gets the attention it deserves. Bringing these types of issues out is no wrong as these problems need more attention than any other, and doing so can help make the world a better place.

4. Seek government’s help – In most countries, law and the police authority have special helplines to come to the rescue of domestic violence victims. Some countries have special laws passed so that these victims can be saved in time. Most of these laws help the victims to lead a happy and safe life. Remember, know the laws, know your rights and keep your fighting spirits high!

5. Get in touch with NGOs – If there is less intervention from part of the government, then NGO’s come as a rescue to these victims. There are several non-governmental organizations that are dedicated to helping people who are affected by domestic violence. It is highly recommended to keep the contact details of such organizations in hand and seek help as and when needed.

6. Stop blaming the victims – People are ready to judge and in that course of judging someone, they tend to put all the blame on the victim rather than on the abuser. Doing so discourages the victims to come forward and speak out against the violence they are going through. Violence is never the solution to anything. So it is better to stop justifying violence, and stop blaming the victim.

7. Support the victims – Most of the time, victims of domestic violence lack support as most of us dismiss the problems as personal problems, and no one should interfere. We turn deaf to their pleas and blind to their plight, and in the end, we don’t even make an effort to support that person. Always be there for these victims as this support would make a great difference in their lives as it helps them regain their lost confidence and fight against domestic violence.

8. Right upbringing – One of the biggest causes behind domestic violence is faulty upbringing. A study reveals that a child who faced violence through the hands of nay parents is more likely to abuse their partner or children in the future physically. It is a fact that the sons of men who are wife beaters are more likely to beat up their wives or girlfriends, and the daughter who encounters this is more submissive and suppressed.

9. Give up on the patriarchy – Until and unless, we don’t give up on patriarchal beliefs and don’t nurture the same values in our children, this problem is not going to be solved. No bill or laws can change what can be instilled at home.

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