8 Shocking Laws & Rules in North Korea

We all know that life in North Korea is not great. But can we even imagine what it is like there? Let’s take a look at some of the most extreme and bizarre laws that citizens and tourists of this country must abide by.

1) Mandatory Crying

It is not uncommon to cry during difficult times in life, but to think that most people should cry when the president dies is absurd. In North Korea, however, there is no choice. When a dictator dies, everyone must grieve and cry at times. If grief is not enough, one can go into the cold room for six months!

2) Bicycle License Plate

Automobiles are rare in North Korea. They are a luxury item that only the wealthy elite can afford. Bicycles are also costly, and it would be very difficult to find one outside of Pyongyang. In addition, bicycles are required to be registered and have license plates. In this way, the government can also control the bicycles of its citizens.

3) Internet in North Korea

The Internet allows you to get almost anything you want. This, of course, means that it forms a threat to the North Korean dictatorship. For this reason, access to the Internet as we know is strictly forbidden. There is an alternative to the Internet, but it is very different from the Internet as we usually use it. It is called “Kwangmyong” and is estimated to contain between one thousand and five thousand websites. Here, you can only see information in line with the ruling party.

4) Hairstyles

As can be seen from the relatively new laws introduced by Kim Jong-un, fashion is an irrelevant topic in North Korea. When citizens go to a hair salon, they can choose from 15 different government-approved hairstyles. That’s fifteen different styles for men and fifteen different styles for women. Any deviation from the model is against the law. Kim Jong-un himself, however, has a hairstyle that does not appear on the template.

5) Blue Jeans

It is a very small thing, and you may not be aware of it, but the color of jeans is important in North Korea. In the eyes of the rulers, blue jeans are a symbol of Western influence. If you happen to visit the country as a foreign tourist, you might be safe with this to some extent. However, if you want to visit the seven monuments of the late President Kim Il Sung and his son Kim Jong Il, you must wear something other than blue jeans as a sign of respect.

North Korea, Pyongyang, Bronze, Monument

6) The Three Generation Rule

One of the cruelest laws in North Korea is the “Three Generation Rule”.
This law means that if a person is convicted and subsequently deported to a labor camp, the entire family of the person involved will be kidnapped and punished in the same way.

Moreover, two generations of family members born and raised in the area must remain there for the rest of their lives. So, even relatives and descendants who have not committed any crime can be associated with the convicted person and be guilty.

With this “three generation rule,” the North Korean government wants to minimize crime.

7) Running Away Is a Major Crime

Since the North Korean government demands loyalty from its people, fleeing the country is considered a significant crime. Those who are caught fleeing are sent to labor camps and executed, and their families and relatives also face severe punishment.

8) The State is Sacred

The only religion allowed is belief in the North Korean government. Everything else is forbidden, and this prohibition applies to anyone wishing to travel to North Korea. Never take a Bible with you to North Korea. The only gods believed to be worshipped are the leader’s family. The former dictator, Kim Jong Il, is even said to control the weather with his mind.

What do you think about these laws? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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