Family Law Succession of the Surviving Spouse

Family Law: Succession of the Surviving Spouse

 – Succession of surviving spouse: without descendants and ascendants  – Succession of surviving spouse: with descendants  – Succession of the surviving spouse: when there are parents  – Where to go for professionals legal advice? In the presence of a surviving spouse, the estate is divided between the descendants, the ascendants…

Surviving Spouse: Know Your Rights

In the event of the death of a married person, the surviving spouse may find himself or herself the owner of the usufruct of the deceased’s property. Whether it results from the law, a will or a donation of future property, this usufruct can also be transformed into a life annuity. We tell you more. 

Will: Anticipating Your Succession (Part 2)

This post is a continuation of Will: Anticipating Your Succession (Part 1). Lately, we have gone through the following: – Will: anticipating one’s succession – Why make a will? – The authentic will – Other forms of will We will now cover: – Will: instructions for use – A will with…

All You Need to Know About Estate Litigation

Sadly, inheritance disputes are not just a problem we see in movies and tv shows where only blended families or fabulously wealthy folks are squabbling over wills, property and inheritance. Every time a loved one dies, estate litigation may arise, leaving the family to deal with the complicated process of…