12 Most Absurd Traffic Laws in the World

It’s no secret that many rules in the Highway Code have been issued for proper traffic functioning. That’s to ensure all drivers know how to act at all times and in all kinds of situations. However, some of these rules are really weird and striking! While converting the speed limit from kilometers to miles per hour or driving on the left side of the road is daunting enough, in some countries, you also have a whole lot of bizarre traffic laws to contend with! Let’s delve deeper into the subject of nutty worldwide driving laws!


#1. In Germany, It Is Not Necessary to Drive with Clothes

According to the German Highway Code, a car is considered a private space, so an owner can drive his vehicle completely naked, although you cannot show your private parts in public, which is still illegal.


#2. You Can’t Honk Your Horn After 9 P.M. in Arkansas

In the State of Arkansas, it is not allowed to honk your vehicle after 9:00 P.M., so, if you do, you could be fined.


#3. Animals Cannot Run on the Roads of Canada

According to the Ontario Highway Traffic Act, in Canada, section 173 establishes that “no person will run or drive furiously any horse or other animal on a highway.”


#4. In Nevada, You Can’t Ride a Camel on the Highway

In Nevada, you cannot ride a camel on the road, and the rule is that precise with these types of animals.


#5. You Cannot Drink Water While Driving in Cyprus

Cyprus law requires that if the driver is thirsty and wants to drink water, he must stop the vehicle and turn off the engine before drinking.


#6. Carry Out Breathalyzer Tests on Your Own Car in France

In France, they are very strict with alcohol behind the wheel. If you exceed a rate of 0.02% in blood, you will be immediately stopped. To ensure that this rate is not exceeded, the law requires you to carry out breathalyzer tests on your own car, so it is mandatory to carry a breathalyzer in the vehicle.


#7. Wear Two Pairs of Glasses in Spain

In our country, if you have to wear glasses while driving, it is mandatory to wear a second pair at all times by law. This standard was rewritten in 1997 and is not compulsory, but it is still highly recommended to carry them.


#8. Driving in the Prohibited Direction Is Legal in Alabama

In Alabama, if you carry a flashlight in the front of your car, the law allows you to drive in the opposite direction despite the prohibited directional signs. We imagine that with the headlights on, it will also be legal …


#9. In California, You Can Not Drive in a Bathrobe

In California, it is illegal for you to drive with a bathrobe instead of clothing. Also, if you wear it over your clothes, driving is not allowed either.


#10. You Can’t Keep Animals off the Road in Australia

Even though the roads are designed for cars and motorcycles, if you find a herd of animals, for example, a pack of sheep, in Australia, you can do nothing but stop the vehicle and stop the engine while you wait for these animals to get off the road. You are not allowed to do anything to alter your natural rhythm.


#11. Don’t Eat and Drink While Driving in Cyprus


Drinking (even water) or eating while driving is illegal in Cyprus. That’s right, eating while driving with your knees or having a quick snack at a drive-in will cost you a fine of 85 euros. And don’t even think about taking a sip of that soda!


#12. You Can’t Run Out of Fuel in Germany and Ohio

In Germany, if you drive on one of its famous Autobahn and run out of fuel in the car, you will be fined for it. In Ohio (United States), this traffic law applies in the same way, but it is extendable to any public road.


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